Purple-I CRM



Contact Management System


Complete Customer/Supplier Lifecycle Management



Purple-I CMS+ is a complete affordable contact management system which will create a centralised repository of customer data that sits neatly alongside Microsoft Office and is accessible through applications your employees use every day.

This is a CMS that works – the way you do, the way your business needs it to and the way IT wants it to. Purple-I understood, when developing Purple-I CMS+, that it is always work that comes first, not technology. Because Purple-I CMS+ is designed with the familiar user interface of Microsoft Office products, even new tasks and processes are mastered quickly.

Purple-I CMS+ delivers full sales, purchasing, and contact management capability in a fast, flexible and affordable manner. Employees can access sales, purchasing and contact information to make sales decisions, run marketing campaigns, schedule resource, solve customer issues and get strategic views of the business through extensive reporting.


Sales & Purchase Order Management

When it's done right, order management can streamline your entire fulfillment process. It minimizes paperwork for your sales force, enabling them to focus their efforts on selling. It also ensures that customers get deliveries on time, boosting customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

Purple-I CMS+ order management system also gives everyone in your organization access to the same, up-to-date order information. Support representatives can view order statuses; sales representatives know when to make follow-up calls and manage payments and invoices.

:: Key Features


Diary Management

Record any medium communications related to claim or client. Allows importing and storing electronic documents which will help manage and reduce paperwork. Automatically creates full log of events and activities in relation to claim and client, so that the user can keep track of the whole claim handling processes. The system will also allow the user to amend or delete these activities within 24 hours where necessary.


Purchasing Module

This facility will enable user to create and record purchase orders, record stock levels, manage purchasing invoices and payments. The system will report on individual transactions or overall purchasing over a given period of time. Data can be exported to excel for further analysis.


Sales Module

This facility will enable user to create and record sales orders, order confirmation and invoice letters, manage Sales invoices and payments. The system will report on individual transactions or overall sales over a given period of time. Data can be exported to excel for further analysis.


Action Management

Preconfigured action settings which encapsulate the process involved in carrying out a certain task. Actions can be set to carryout a process at a future date (reminder) or delegate to other operators with relevant attachments and links to client file. All the actions can be viewed in chronological order; allowing the operative to view any outstanding tasks, which need processing. The operative delegating can also view tasks they have delegated to others. All tasks once complete are automatically removed from the action viewer and resultant output including attachment is recorded in the diary.


Template Letter

Allows user administrator to easily create template letters in a text format with the correct merge fields from the database, which can then be used by all operatives. Templates are stored in a central location and accessible to the action settings. Templates automatically integrate with MS Word and mail merge to produce a final personalized document with the required data.

The letter/documents are stored in a central location which can be accessible via the internet browser for easy navigation and access.


Invoice Management

Create your own invoices at a touch of a button using the action setting and pre-configured templates which can be easily created by the user.

The system allows the user to track payments , allows multiple payments, and produces reports on overdue and settled  payments.



The reporting tool provides a complete picture of the claim at a glace including all activities, documents attached and actions taken. The staff report provides detailed information about staff activities in relation to claims processing. Includes actions taken and those still outstanding or delegated. This report is very useful for monitoring staff performance and quality of data-processing.


Training Server

This is a dedicated server for staff training which is cloned on a nightly basis so that the training given to staff is based on real data, which can improve the quality of the training.


SQL Server DB

SQL Server supports the highest performance, availability and security to run your most demanding applications with native data encryption, secure default settings, and password policy enforcement.